Nutrition Outreach and Education Program

New York State has a community based program that is helping New Yorkers put food on their tables, as well as helping to recover our state’s economy.  It’s funded by the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP).  You can visit their website by clicking here:

NOEP assists hungry families and individuals to obtain food stamp benefits.  Through free and confidential prescreening, as well as application assistance, NOEP Coordinators are helping eligible households receive the maximum allotment of food stamps for which they are entitled.

Food stamp benefits means that a struggling family now has more purchasing power to get the nutritious and healthy foods they need to feed their children and loved ones.  A food stamp benefit means that a senior does not have to choose between food and medication.  Food stamp benefits mean a recently unemployed worker does not have to choose between heating their apartment and purchasing food during a very difficult time.

For more information about the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program,
please call 439-1322 to set up an appointment for a pre-screening and speak to
or visit us at:
564 19th Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

Disclaimer:  Prepared by a project of Hunger Solutions New York, USDA/FNS and NYSOTDA. 
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.